Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oregon wolf population now at 58

With the recent discovery of two pups in the Walla Walla pack, along with at least 8 adults, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has updated its statewide wolf population count to 58 wolves in six packs, which includes 25 pups born this year and 33 adults. That also includes four previously unknown adult wolves discovered this year.

There is also a known lactating black female wolf that was photographed by a remote camera in June in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Her whereabouts is unknown at this time, but her condition suggests she has pups so it is likely there is at least one more pack out there waiting to be officially documented.

It is important to note that this official number is based on individual wolves verified by ODFW biologists based on information obtained from radio collared wolves, remote cameras, sightings and other direct contacts and there are almost certainly more wolves roaming the state so far undetected.

You can check out the ODFW wolf population page on its website, however, it has not yet been updated with the latest population information.


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